5 minutes every morning

Just taking a few moments to meditate could change everything: you need only start with 5 minutes, no more! The world of meditation can be intimidating: this down-to-earth and comprehensive book will help you get a foot in the door, in just 5 minutes every morning…

Christophe ANDRÉ, Psychiatrist
Author of Méditer, Jour Après Jour

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David O’Hare wrote this book after years of having people say to him:

I know that meditation is fantastic for inner balance. I’d love to meditate but…
- It takes too long
- It’s too complicated for me
- I’m just not sure I could carry it through…Etc.”

As a result, he created 5 Minutes every Morning, so that every day, for only 5 minutes, you can sample a bite-size piece of meditation – seven in total; one form of meditation a day.
A taster: the chance to experience and assimilate a diverse range of meditational delectations at your leisure.
Each session introduces a different form of meditation: relaxation, concentration, heart coherence, mindfulness, walking meditation, loving-kindness meditation and the body scan.
The goal: for you to discover THE meditation for YOU.
After a few weeks of practice, you are bound to have fuelled the desire to delve deeper into one of these cocktails that whet your appetite for life, day after day. This book gives you the resources to do so.

Author of the best-selling Heart Coherence 365, David O’Hare is a specialist in cognitive and behavioral therapies. He teaches heart coherence in both Quebec and France under the aegis of the Institute of Integrated Medicine.


5 minutes every morning
Date de parution : 07 novembre 2014
110 pages

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