Milk, lies and propaganda

by Thierry Souccar, MSc

The ultimate book on dairy and health and a best-seller in France. This rigorously researched book provides convincing evidence for everyone from your doctor to your mother-in-law that milk and dairy products do not deliver what the industry claims they do : osteoporosis prevention. Moreover, regular consumption of dairy products has been associated with an elevated risk of several diseases including prostate cancer and Parkinson. This book explains how a foreign food family in the history of man’s diet (introduced only 6,000 years ago in the Caucasus mountains and Northern Europe) has been touted in recent decades as nature’s miracle food by the industry and the nutritionists.

In this book you will learn:

  • how the milk industry made us believe that dairy calcium is the only important nutrient for strong bones ;
  • why milk drinking countries have record-high hip fractures;
  • why higher dairy consumption does not prevent bone fractures in most studies ;
  • why prostate cancer is more common among men regularly consuming dairy ;
  • why milk is suspected to fuel the child diabetes epidemy;
  • why calcium won’t make you less fat despite industry claims;
  • why calcium requirements were exaggerated and how much calcium you really need;
  • how to prevent osteoporosis without dairy.

Written by a scientific journalist for the lay audience as well as physicians, this book is based on the latest studies (over 250 cited) and extensive contacts with top nutrition teams such as the Harvard School of Public Health. It delivers its message in a factual way, easy to grasp even by readers without a scientific background.

Thierry Souccar is a well-known French scientific journalist and author. He is a member of the American College of Nutrition.

The book in French

288 pages
First publication date : April 2007
Copies sold in France : 40,000
List of sales to date : Chinese, Korean